Fresno County Bar Association

The Fresno County Bar Association has been serving its members and its community since it was founded by twelve local lawyers in 1882. Its objectives are threefold: first, to maintain the honor and dignity of the legal profession; second, to increase the law's usefulness in promoting the administration and proper amendment of the law so as to best secure the rights of the citizens; and third, to further social discussion and friendly sentiment among its members.

The attorney members of the Fresno County Bar Association can participate in any number of the many programs and services that the bar association provides. These attorneys are regularly encouraged to participate in programs that provide free to low cost legal assistance, and as well to serve on sections and committees.

The residents of Fresno County also receive many benefits from the Fresno County Bar Association. This bar association runs an attorney referral service that is open to all residents, and it also runs a fee dispute program where attorneys and clients may go when concerns arise about legal fees.

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