Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association

The Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association was established in 1956 and has been serving this community since then. This bar serves both the local community as well as its members.

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There are many benefits for the members of the Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association. For example, because the state of California requires every licensed attorney to obtain a minimum amount of Continuing Legal Education each year, the Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association hosts monthly luncheons that satisfy this requirement. In addition, members of this bar association get a free newsletter each month.

For the community, the Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association provides a comprehensive list of every attorney that is a member and lists them by practice area. In addition, this bar association also prompts its members to participate in various legal clinics that provide free legal advice.

Contact the Sunnyvale-Cupertino Bar Association

20370 Town Center Lane #100, Cupertino, CA 95014
Tel: (408) 858-1418
Fax: (408) 252-5906