Chicago Council of Lawyers

Formed in 1969, the Chicago Council of Lawyers is a non-partisan public interest bar association dedicated to improving the quality of justice in the legal system. Its voluntary membership consists of both lawyers and law students. Since its inception, the bar association has worked to change the legal system Illinois laws for the better by taking public position on important issues, proposing legislation, and working to pass bills at both the state and local level.

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The public can contact the Chicago Council of Lawyers for attorney referral information, as well as browse its website for links to other sources of legal information. However, because the bar association´┐Żs primary goal is to affect legislation, most of the benefits derived by the public comes from the laws it helps to pass.

Members of the Chicago Council of Lawyers can receive valuable experience reviewing and proposing legislative and government programs. The bar association also offers ample networking opportunities with other like-minded attorneys. It also provides ample pro bono opportunities, as well as a chance to contribute to state and federal judicial evaluations.

Contact the Chicago Council of Lawyers

750 North Lake Shore Drive, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611

Tel: (312) 988-6565

Fax: (312) 397-1338