Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys

Incorporated in 1975, the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys (MATA) is an organization primarily for lawyers in Massachusetts that spend the majority of their careers doing civil litigation. However, regular membership is open to all lawyers that are dedicated to promoting the concept of a fair trial. Other legal employees, including secretaries and paralegals, may join as non-voting members so long as they work for or are sponsored by a regular member of the association.

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There are several benefits provided by the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys for its members. MATA�s website contains several resources to improve its members' professional lives, such as an expert witness deposition bank and online continuing legal education seminars. Members are also given several opportunities to interact and network with one another, including a mentoring program and several social and networking events throughout the year.

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20 Burlington Mall Road, Suite 230

Burlington, MA 01803

(781) 425-5040