Plymouth County Bar Association

Since the Plymouth County Bar Association exists to benefit the legal community of Plymouth County, membership is limited to attorneys that work in Plymouth County. While most lawyers must pay dues to belong to the Plymouth County Bar Association, attorneys that have been in practice for over fifty years may join or maintain their membership for free. Additionally, lawyers that work in the public sector, including district attorneys and Legal Service Corporation attorneys, are given a discounted rate on their Plymouth County Bar Association membership dues.

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The Plymouth County Bar Association strives to create a congenial atmosphere among its members. On its website, the Plymouth County Bar Association provides an online forum where its members can reach out to one another to get answers to questions that arise in their work. In the real world, the Plymouth County Bar Association hosts social events such as the annual wine dinner throughout the year to let its members mix and network in person.

Contact the Plymouth County Bar Association

P.O. Box 7303

Brockton, MA 02303-7303