Craven County Bar Association

The Craven County Bar Association (CCBA) strives to provide support to the legal community of Craven County. While most of the CCBA�s efforts are directed at benefiting its members, there are number of ways that the Craven County Bar Association also helps lawyers that are not members. For new lawyers that are not yet members, the Craven County Bar Association provides answers to many questions on its website that these new lawyers have upon moving to the county about what they can do as a lawyer and what they need to do in order to be in compliance with state and local rules.

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As the main focus of the CCBA is on being of service to its members, attorneys that belong to the Craven County Bar Association are provided with several benefits. The CCBA promotes its members on its website through both a directory and a spotlight feature that highlights different members throughout the year. Attorneys that belong to the Craven County Bar Association frequently attend the monthly meetings in order to learn more about different legal topics from the speakers that are featured at the meetings.

Contact the Craven County Bar Association:

New Bern, NC 28563