Asian-American Bar Association of Houston

The Asian-American Bar Association of Houston is a voluntary bar organization that is made up of legal professionals and law students in and around Houston. The organization was founded in 1984 and runs many social, educational and pro bono events and seminars throughout the year. Today, the Asian-American Bar Association of Houston has a member base of over 500, making it the largest organization that serves the needs of the Asian-American lawyers in the entire state.

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The bar association was originally formed to serve the handful of Asian-American attorneys in and around Houston. However, since then, the AABA has evolved and changed to meet the requirements and needs of its ever growing population. In addition, this bar association is also responsible for founding the Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition which law students from around the country compete in every year.

The community is well served by the Asian-American Bar Association of Houston. In addition to providing many opportunities for the public to be involved in the legal process, this bar association is constantly working for goals and objectives that the Asian-American community has in the area. With so many legal professionals working towards these goals, it is no wonder that this bar association is successful at much of what it puts its efforts towards.

Contact the Asian-American Bar Association of Houston

P.O. Box 1554
Houston, TX 77251