Bexar County Women's Bar Association

In 1983, the Bexar County Women's Bar Association was formed to bring together the women lawyers in Bexar County and to provide a discussion space where these legal professionals could exchange ideas and thoughts in an open environment. The first meetings of this bar association were primarily concerned with getting more women into judicial seats in Bexar County as well as getting women members on the board of the San Antonio Bar Association. After its beginnings with just over 70 people attending the first meetings, the Bexar County Women's Bar Association has grown to include over 400 members.

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This bar association has been a large part of many important legal issues in the state of Texas. For instance, in 1984, a committee of the Bexar County Women's Bar Association formed a child support formula which was accepted by many of the local courts. Eventually, this child support formula was eventually set as the standard for all of Texas by the Texas Supreme Court. In addition, the bar association was also responsible for the Teddy Bear Room in the Bexar County Justice Center. This waiting room was designed specifically with children in mind who needed to attended court.

The members of this bar association also receive many benefits, including a monthly newsletter entitled the Equal Times. As well, these members have the option of attending monthly luncheons where there are ample networking opportunities as well as Continuing Legal Education speakers.

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Tel: (210) 875-4646
Fax: (210) 308-6939