Fort Bend County Bar Association

In 1981, the Fort Bend County Bar Association was incorporated with many high hopes and aspirations. Its mission is to promote ethical and professional standards among legal professionals as well as the efficiency of justice, improve the entirety of the legal industry, and to bring together the legal professionals in Fort Bed County under a banner of community.

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There are currently 380 active attorney members of the Fort Bend County Bar Association. These members get a newsletter several times a month and are also free to participate in any of the events that the Fort Bend County Bar Association runs.

The community has benefited from the bar associations efforts. Over the past few years, the Fort Bend County Bar Association has run many charity events that have raised money for local organizations. As well, the attorney members of the bar association also participated in the local Will-a-thon, an event that raises money for charity by have attorneys draft wills and estate plans.

Contact the Fort Bend County Bar Association

P.O. Box 18825
Sugar Land, TX 77496