Galveston County Bar Association

The Galveston County Bar Association has been serving the legal professionals and the community since 1846. The mission of this bar association is to advance the legal profession and the skills of its lawyers, promote the legal industry, provide excellent services and opportunities to its members, and to provide excellent service to the community.

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This voluntary bar association runs many programs that benefit the surrounding community of Galveston County. Most notable among these programs is the Galveston County Bar Foundation. This Foundation was established in 2005 as the charitable branch of the bar association. By soliciting charitable giving, this Foundation is able to provide funding for various projects. These projects include the Galveston County National Adoption Day, Galveston County Young Lawyers' Association Law Day Scholarship Program, and the Galveston ISD Educational Foundation.

Contact the Galveston County Bar Association

600 59th Street, Suite 1600, Galveston, TX 77551
Tel: (409) 765-2601
Fax: (409) 765-5905