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Bar Association Directory is a new and innovative website that was constructed to provide clients with a centralized database containing an exhaustive list of bar associations. With so many bar associations in existence these days, many of them specialized or very localized, it seemed only logical that there be a website that pulled them all together in one, easy to find source. Bar Association Directory was designed to help clients find out about the bar associations in their area.

Why Should I Go Through Bar Association to Find a Lawyer?

Association by Location

Many bar associations are based on states, counties or regions. If you live in a certain county or have your claim occur in a certain county, it would be helpful to find a lawyer from the same county. A lawyer from the same county will know the local judges, government agencies, and other legal counsels.

Association by Culture

Some bar associations are based on the lawyers’ shared heritage or culture. These associations are key to helping minority groups find proper legal representation, especially if potential clients do not speak English or the local language.

Association by Practice

Some bar associations are based on area of practice. While there are not many bar associations based on type of law, many bar associations will have different sections of practice—for instance, employment and labor sections.