Contra Costa County Bar Association

The Contra Costa County Bar Association was founded in 1934 and currently has over 1,600 members who participate in this voluntary bar association. It currently has six operating departments, along with 21 committees and taskforces and 18 practice sections.

The Contra Costa County Bar Association views as its mission to represent its attorney members and to advocate on their behalf. In addition, it seeks to educate both the public as well as its members about the law, the legal profession and the court system. The Contra Costa County Bar Association also seeks to encourage and facilitate communication between its members and between the members and the public they service.

This bar association provides a lawyer referral service to the members of the public and also runs a client relation program. As well, the Contra Costa County Bar Association also runs an educational outreach program that provides education about the legal system to students in middle and high school in Contra Costa County. These classes are run by member attorneys and cover substantive areas of law and also provide real life guidance about how the law can relate to these students.

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