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Delaware is the second-smallest state in the United States. However, Delaware is also the sixth-most densely populated state in the nation, which means that there are numerous lawyers located in the state. Ninety percent of these attorneys that are licensed to practice law in Delaware belong to the voluntary Delaware State Bar Association, membership of which is open to all lawyers that are licensed to practice law in the state. The Delaware State Bar Association is also inclusive in its general goals of just improving the overall judicial system and being beneficial to the whole of Delaware’s legal community.

Unlike the Delaware State Bar Association, the majority of Delaware bar associations are more exclusive in their memberships and their focuses. Certain bar associations in Delaware are focused on ethnic minority communities living in Delaware that a number of Delaware lawyers are a part of, such as the South Asian Bar Association of Delaware. These bar associations that are focused on ethnic minority communities within both the general population and the legal community of Delaware strive to address the legal issues that the ethnic minorities particularly struggle with and to promote the ethnic minority within the legal community.

Other Delaware bar associations are dedicated to furthering certain practice areas, such as litigation and criminal defense. Included among these bar associations limited to specific types of legal practices are the Delaware Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, the Delaware Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association. These bar associations that are dedicated to a specific type of legal practice often limit their membership to Delaware lawyers that practice in these areas of law. The limitations in focus and membership allow these Delaware bar associations to provide aid to members that are able to take advantage of the benefits of membership and to dedicate their resources to improving that particular area of practice in the Delaware judicial system.

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