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The current population of Wyoming is approximately 576,000—the lowest of any state in the country. However, a substantial number of these residents are lawyers, with nearly 29 attorneys for every 10,000 residents. Another 739 lawyers are licensed to practice in the state. In total, the Wyoming State Bar maintains a membership of approximately 3,026 attorneys. Since the Wyoming State Bar serves the entire legal community of Wyoming, it offers several beneficial events, such as the annual meeting, and a variety of helpful practice tools, including conference space and a bimonthly magazine. In addition to providing assistance to Wyoming’s attorneys, the Wyoming State Bar is also in charge of regulating the practice of law in the state and disciplining the attorneys that violate the state rues of professional conduct.

In addition to the Wyoming State Bar, there is also a number of other bar associations providing aid to lawyers that are located throughout Wyoming. However, all of these supplemental associations primarily focus on a certain practice group within Wyoming’s legal community. Membership to these practice-specific bar associations is entirely voluntary. Prominent bar associations include the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association and the Wyoming Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Attorneys join these and other bar associations in order to take advantage of benefits such as educational events and networking opportunities.

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