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The attorneys of Tennessee continue to be involved in the communities where they live and work, and many of them belong to local bar associations. Tennessee’s local bar associations often cover only the geographic region of a city, such as the Knoxville Bar Association and the Nashville Bar Association, or of a county, including the Blount County Bar Association and the Sumner County Bar Association. The majority of these local bar associations were created to help their members connect with one another and to promote both the administration of justice and the legal profession in the local communities.

Other local and regional bar associations exist to support certain minority groups that live in a specific part of Tennessee and to bring together the attorneys in that minority group so that they can work as one entity to improving the legal system for the minority group. Examples of these types of minority-focused regional bar associations include the Association for Women Attorneys in Memphis and the Napier-Looby Bar Association in Nashville. There are also regional and local bar associations that support the lawyers that work in specific practice areas, such as the Chattanooga and Memphis Mid-South Chapters of the Federal Bar Association.

In addition to the many different kinds of local and regional bar associations, there are also several bar associations that serve attorneys located all over Tennessee. The most prominent of these state-wide bar associations is the Tennessee Bar Association, which is the only bar association in Tennessee that actively supports all of the lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Tennessee regardless of where they live or the type of law they practice. Aside from the Tennessee Bar Association, the rest of Tennessee’s state-wide bar associations are more focused on providing aid to a minority community or helping out a legal practice area. There are several minority bar associations covering the whole of Tennessee that strive to increase diversity in the legal profession and further the professional careers of its members that are a part of that minority, including the Tennessee Asian Pacific American Bar Association and the Tennessee Stonewall Bar Association. Tennessee attorneys that work in certain areas of law are also supported by state-wide bar associations that focus on being beneficial to a single type of legal practice group, such as the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Tennessee Intellectual Property Law Association.

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