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The Vermont Bar Association (VBA) is a voluntary bar association that seeks to ensure justice is administered fairly and attorneys behave ethically. Other goals of the VBA include providing a collegial community for members of the legal profession by offering networking and professional development events. The VBA also engages in community outreach through their Center for Public Education, which allows members to inform the public about their legal rights.

The VBA provides many membership benefits including daily CLE’s, discounts on insurance and a mentorship program. The Vermont Bar also provides a listserv for members, a forms library, and has a legislative committee to advocate for their members in the Vermont legislature. The Vermont Bar Association assists their community by offering an attorney referral service, a list of pro-bono resources, and running the Center for Public Education to teach members in the community about their legal rights. Other features offered by the Vermont Bar Association include contact information for every county bar association in Vermont, the publication of the VBA Journal, and a membership directory.

There are two forms of membership in the Vermont Bar Association: attorney membership, which is open to any attorney licensed in Vermont, and associate membership open to law students, paralegals, law professors, and licensed attorneys who have not been admitted to the Supreme Court of Vermont. To join the Vermont Bar Association you need to fill out a membership application and pay an annual due, which ranges from $65 for law students to $200 for attorneys who have been licensed for more than ten years.

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Montpelier, VT 05601-0100
Phone (802) 223-2020
Fax (802) 223-1573

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