Washington State Bar Associations

There are approximately 40,000 active attorneys licensed by the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) and many large companies such as Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Starbucks have chosen to be headquartered in Washington which makes this state home to an important and vibrant legal market. Aside from Washington�s importance to the national marketplace, it is also well known for its natural beauty and national parks which include Olympic National Park, Mount Rainer, and Mount St. Helens, which is home to an active volcano.

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Washington�s natural beauty is not all the state has to offer.� Seattle is a very popular urban tourist destination located in Washington that is home to famous attractions such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Aquarium. This makes Washington a state that offers both beautiful rural life and diverse city life to its residents making it a popular destination for lawyers and other professionals looking to begin their careers.

Washington also provides outstanding educational opportunities and is home to two prestigious Jesuit Universities: Gonzaga and the University of Seattle, both of which maintain ABA approved law schools. University of Washington and Washington State are also located in Washington. As a result of the numerous educational, commercial, and cultural interests present in Washington numerous bar associations have sprung up across the state. These voluntary bar associations serve a number of agendas which include promoting diversity in the legal profession, providing access to the legal system for underprivileged individuals, and ensuring attorneys abide to the highest ethical standards.