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North Dakota currently contains the fewest number of licensed lawyers in the entire country. However, in recent years, the number of attorneys in the state has begun steadily increasing due to the state’s general population growth. Approximately 2,065 lawyers are presently licensed to practice in North Dakota. Each of these attorneys are required to hold active membership with the State Bar Association of North Dakota, the state’s mandatory bar association.

As the oldest mandatory bar association in the United States, the State Bar Association of North Dakota has been committed to helping the whole of North Dakota’s legal community for over a century. The State Bar Association of North Dakota provides this aid to the lawyers in the state through a range of means, including social events such as the annual meeting where they can network with one another and many practice tools such as educational webinars. Aside from supporting those in the state’s legal profession, the State Bar Association of North Dakota also benefits the general public through low-cost legal assistance, educational pamphlets, and other law-related services.

In addition to the mandatory state bar, North Dakota also maintains a number of voluntary bar associations that exist to serve either specific regions or specific population groups or practice areas. These voluntary North Dakota bar associations include the North Dakota Association for Justice, the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association, and the North Dakota Council of School Attorneys. Lawyers belonging to such bar associations in North Dakota receive a range of valuable benefits, such as continuing legal education classes and access to law-related newsletters.

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