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There are over 15,000 attorneys in the state of Indiana. While that may seem like a lot of lawyers, Indiana’s population of over 6.5 million has led to one of the lowest ratios of lawyers to residents, with approximately 24 lawyers per 10,000 residents. This low ratio means that Indiana attorneys are among some of the busiest lawyers in the United States.

Since there is a high demand compared to supply of lawyers in Indiana, it is not surprising that there are several local bar associations that have been set up to support the attorneys working in each region of the state. Many of these local bar associations cover an entire county, such as the Boone County Bar Association. There are also certain local bar associations that are limited only to a city and the immediate surrounding area because the city’s number of lawyers is high enough to support its own bar association, including the Indianapolis Bar Association and the Evansville Bar Association. Certain local bar associations also serve the legal community outside of their city or county boundaries in order to serve attorneys that work close by, such as the St. Joseph County Bar Association which supports not only the attorneys that work in St. Joseph County but also the attorneys that work in nearby counties and even nearby states.

There are also several bar associations that cover the whole of Indiana and allow their members to work and live anywhere in the state. The largest statewide bar association in Indiana is the Indiana State Bar Association, which is open to all attorneys that are licensed to practice in Indiana. Unlike some state bar associations that require every licensed lawyer in that state to join, membership for the Indiana State Bar Association is entirely voluntary.

Other bar associations that have their memberships open up to all of Indiana are focused on benefiting certain practice areas in the legal profession of Indiana, such as the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys and the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. In addition to the numerous Indiana bar associations that were created to serve specific legal practice groups, there are a number of bar associations that exist to support certain minority groups present within Indiana’s legal community, including the Women Lawyers Association and the Marion County Bar Association.

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