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Tippecanoe County Bar Association

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The Tippecanoe County Bar Association (TCBA) was founded for the benefit of the legal community working in Tippecanoe County. There are several different ways that the Tippecanoe County Bar Association improves its members’ professional careers. Attorneys that are members of the TCBA regularly expand their professional knowledge base about law by attending speaker events that the Tippecanoe County Bar Association holds throughout the year.

Along with being beneficial to the legal community of Tippecanoe County, the TCBA also aims to be beneficial to the local residents living in the surrounding area. The Tippecanoe County Bar Association frequently raises money for the local legal aid program through various charity events such as the Under the Dome art event. Members of the TCBA frequently volunteer their time to aid future lawyers experience the legal system through programs such as mock trial programs.

Contact the Tippecanoe County Bar Association:

324 Main Street, Suite C
Lafayette, IN 47902-0711

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