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Arkansas has the fewest number of lawyers per resident out of any state in the country. While the state is home to nearly three million people, only about six thousand residents of Arkansas are licensed to practice law in-state. The Arkansas Bar Association serves all of these attorneys, regardless of the type of law that they may practice. However, since the Arkansas Bar Association is a voluntary organization, its membership consists of only approximately 90% of these lawyers. An additional 700 attorneys that are licensed to practice in Arkansas but live elsewhere belong to the Arkansas Bar Association.

All of the other Arkansas bar associations are more restrictive in what kinds of lawyers that they provide support for. Several bar associations in Arkansas provide support to lawyers that practice in all different areas of law in a manner similar to the Arkansas Bar Association, but they limit their membership to only attorneys within a specific geographic region within the state. These otherwise inclusive regional bar association generally serve the entire legal community of one of the counties of Arkansas, and they include the Pulaski County Bar Association and the Washington County Bar Association.

Other bar associations in Arkansas serve lawyers located throughout the state, but these secondary statewide bar associations predominantly focus on providing support to attorneys that are a part of a minority community in the state or that practice in a very specific area of law. The more restrictive state-wide Arkansas bar associations include organizations such as the Arkansas Association of Defense Counsel, the W. Harold Flowers Law Society, the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, and the Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers.

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