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Beginning in 1963, the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) has strived to advance and protect the rights of consumers in the state and to foster a sense of community among litigation lawyers in Arkansas, especially those involved in civil prosecution. The ATLA works to achieve the first goal in part by remaining very active in the state legislative process in Arkansas, in part by coordinating efforts to speak up about certain pieces of legislation and reminding its members to do so through its Facebook page. In addition to frequently posting updates on its Facebook page regarding bills that impact consumer rights and civil litigation, the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association also operates IMPACT, which is a political action committee dedicated to campaigning for Arkansas politicians that are active in advocating for consumers’ rights in the state legislature.

The ATLA provides its members with many benefits to enhance their professional lives. Law students that belong to the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association can use the Law Student Employment Pool program to find jobs and summer positions with more established members of the ATLA. Members of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association are able to stay informed of significant developments in the practice of civil litigation at their own convenience by accessing a database of civil verdicts and settlements and by attending continuing legal education webinars, both of which the ATLA makes available to its members on its website.

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