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With a relatively low total population and residential density, Maine is also home to a lower than average lawyer density. There are currently 3,865 attorneys actively serving a population of 1,329,192 Maine residents. Only 3,100 of these licensed attorneys are members of the Maine State Bar Association, which is an entirely voluntary bar association despite having been created by the Maine Legislature. The Maine State Bar Association exists to be beneficial to the whole of Maine’s legal community by providing them with several helpful practice tools and programs, including continuing legal education seminars and a referral service. Additionally, the Maine State Bar Association is committed to fostering collegiality among its members by hosting a biannual meeting and other networking events. Another important focus of the Maine State Bar Association is to assist and inform the residents of Maine with regard to the law and legal profession. The Maine State Bar Association has many ways in which it helps the general public, including staging mock trial competitions and providing information about legal rights.

In addition to the Maine State Bar Association, the legal community in Maine sustains numerous general bar associations located throughout the state. These general bar association cover small geographic areas. For example, associations that represent only a single county include the York Bar Association and the Knox County Bar Association. Maine’s regional bar associations provide support to their members through helpful practice tools such as online directories, educational seminars, and networking opportunities. Additionally, many of these geographic area-specific bar associations offer assistance to local residents through various means, such as legal news updates and monetary donations to law-related causes.

In addition to the associations that represent specific regions, a number of bar associations focus on representing specific areas of the law. These area-focuses associations include the Maine Trial Lawyers Association and the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In order to properly serve a particular legal practice area, these associations offer customized programming, continuing legal education classes, case evaluation clinics, and networking opportunities.

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