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Maine State Bar Association

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The Maine Legislature created the Maine State Bar Association (MSBA) through a legislative act in 1891. Although formally established by a legislative body, MSBA is an entirely voluntary bar association and nongovernmental entity that benefits all of the lawyers in the state. Different levels of membership for the Maine State Bar Association are available to Maine lawyers, out-of-state lawyers, corporations, law students, legal staff, and judges.

Lawyers frequently seek membership with MSBA in order to access a number of members-only practice tools. Members of the Maine State Bar Association currently seeking employment can use the career page on MSBA’s website to find a new job. The Maine State Bar Association helps its members acquire new clients through its referral service.

In addition to offering practice tools, MSBA also helps its members grow professionally by hosting networking events. Attorneys belonging to the Maine State Bar Association can expand their knowledge about a particular area of legal practice by attending one of the many continuing legal education classes hosted by the association each month. The Maine State Bar Association holds a biannual meeting at which all of its members can network with one another.

Dedicated to supporting the residents of Maine, MSBA offers several educational and community development services. High school students and elementary school students currently in the fifth grade have a chance to participate in the Maine State Bar Association’s mock trial competitions. The association regularly provides various civic and corporate groups with speakers that give lectures on many different legal topics, including tax law, consumer rights, and small claims.

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Augusta, ME 04332-0788

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