Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers

Created in 1938, the Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers (AAWL) was established to serve the female attorneys of Arkansas. The main objectives of the AAWL are to foster a sense of collegiality among its members, to advance the interests of the women in Arkansas and particularly the interests of the state�s female lawyers, and to enhance the legal practice in the state. Membership is extended not only to those lawyers practicing in the state of Arkansas, but also to attorneys that practice in other states and law students that are studying in the state. maintains a database of Arkansas lawyers, covering all areas of law. The online matching service allows you to quickly post your case and connect with attorneys in your area. LegalMatch has over 10 years of experience in matching clients with attorneys.

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The Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers is committed to improving the lives of women attorneys that practice in the state. Lawyers belonging to the AAWL are given the opportunity to network with one another at the annual holiday brunch. The Arkansas Association of Women Lawyers also gives another helping hand to its female law student members by providing them with an annual chance at a scholarship awarded by the AAWL.

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Little Rock, AR 72203-0095