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Founded in 1956, the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) was created initially as a way for plaintiffs’ attorneys to work together to influence the Indiana legislation to pass laws that favor plaintiffs. Since the 1950s, the goals of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association have expanded beyond impacting state legislation. Now the predominant focus of the ITLA is on generally protecting Indiana’s residents’ access to the state judicial system and ensuring equal application of state law to all people living in Indiana.

The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association is still dedicated to making sure that Indiana state law protects plaintiffs’ interests. Each year, the ITLA hosts a Lobby Day that allows for members to meet with state legislators in order to discuss certain bills that they are concerned about. Another important legislative program that the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association operates is the LAW PAC, which provides funding for politicians in Indiana that support open access to Indiana’s judicial system.

In addition to remaining active within Indiana’s legislative branch, the ITLA also strives to be beneficial to its members. Lawyers belonging to the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association that have a case on appeal are often helped by the Amicus Curiae Committee writing an amicus brief in support of that member’s case. The ITLA also compiles significant verdict and settlement information provided by its members into an online database on its website so that other attorneys that are a part of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association can learn important information about certain types of cases.

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