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Evansville Bar Association

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Founded in 1911, the Evansville Bar Association (EBA) is focused on furthering the practice of law in Evansville and the surrounding area, maintain the honor of the legal profession, and encourage professional excellence among its members. The EBA is also dedicated to helping the local community living in Evansville.

Some of the ways that the Evansville Bar Association aids the general population of Evansville are with a Teen Court, which allows teenagers to experience the different roles of a trial first hand, and a Speakers Bureau, which provides speakers that are members of the EBA to groups that need a speaker on a variety of different topics ranging from elder healthcare law to zoning ordinances.

Aside from being active in the local community, the Evansville Bar Association also provides several benefits to its members. Attorneys that have recently become licensed in Indiana and are new to the EBA often take the annual “Boot Camp” course to learn the basics about practicing law in Evansville. Members of the Evansville Bar Association that are looking to network with other people in Evansville’s legal community regularly attend one of the many events that the EBA hosts for its members, including social events such as a monthly mixer and professional events such as speaker events with local judges.

Contact the Evansville Bar Association:

1 SE 6th Street, Suite 101
Evansville, IN 47713

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