Lake County Bar Association

Established in 1985, the Lake County Bar Association (LCBA) strives to connect those working in the legal profession in Lake County with the general community. One of the ways that the LCBA works to bring the legal community and the local residents together is through its lawyer referral program, which helps people that are looking for an attorney in Lake County to get in touch with one of its members. The Lake County Bar Association also reaches out to the general public by providing educational scholarships to aspiring law students that live in Indiana.

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Aside from serving the residents of Lake County, the LCBA also supports the local legal community. Members of the Lake County Bar Association are able to network with one another by participating in the LCBA�s various law sections for lawyers that work in that area of legal practice and socializing at meetings held by these sections. Attorneys that belong to the Lake County Bar Association are also able to gain continuing legal education credits by attending continuing legal education Video Replays that are hosted at the LCBA office.

Contact the Lake County Bar Association:

291 W. 84th Drive
Merrillville, IN 46410