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Allen County Bar Association

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Founded in 1890, the Allen County Bar Association (ACBA) was established to further the administration of justice in Allen County, to aid in the continued education of the lawyers that work in Allen County, and to help uphold the integrity of the legal profession. Since the overall focus of the Allen County Bar Association is to improve the legal community of Allen County as a whole, membership to the ACBA is open to not only attorneys, but paralegals and judges as well. Membership for the Allen County Bar Association is also highly inclusive in terms of location, and lawyers that do not work in Allen County may also join.

There are a variety of ways that the Allen County Bar Association helps its members to further their professional careers. Members of the ACBA that desire to engage in pro bono work regularly volunteer their time at the Legal Line and give free legal advice to callers. Attorneys that belong to the Allen County Bar Association looking to network with other lawyers in certain legal practice areas in Allen County are able to connect with others in that area of law by being active in one of the many committees of the ACBA that are based on certain areas of law, such as bankruptcy.

Contact the Allen County Bar Association:

924 South Calhoun Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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