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Delaware Trial Lawyers Association

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Beginning in 1979, the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association (DTLA) has strived to improve the judicial system in Delaware and maintain the right to a fair trial for both plaintiffs and defendants. The Delaware Trial Lawyers Association works to benefit the general public by working to improve the laws related to trials in the state of Delaware through its legislative committee. Additionally, the DTLA improves the public’s access to legal help by providing a directory of its members on its website.

Litigation attorneys frequently join the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association for the many benefits that it provides for its members. Lawyers that are looking for an expert witness for trial are able to find one by looking at the expert witness deposition bank on the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association website. Members are also able to get help by accessing the DTLA’s online law library and the court document bank on its website.

Contact the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association:

913 Market Street, Suite 315
Wilmington, DE 19801


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