Palo Alto Area Bar Association

The Palo Alto Area Bar Association is unique because it straddles two counties and both of their respective bar associations. It was created to give a more personal and responsive professional organization for lawyers and legal professionals in the mid-peninsula.

The Palo Alto Bar Association views its goals on two different levels. On the "marco" level, it seeks to promote the legal profession to the public in the Palo Alto Area. It does this by providing a Lawyer Referral Service, which has been shown to provide legal assistance and representation to many clients. As well, the Palo Alto Area Bar Association also provides Continuing Legal Education to its member attorneys.

On the "micro" level, the Palo Alto Area Bar Association seeks to strengthen the bonds it has with local communities. As an example, the Palo Alto Area Bar Association has held a golf tournament for the past ten years. This charitable event donates funds to the organizations that provide free legal services to the people in East Palo Alto and Eastern Menlo Park.

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