Santa Clara County Bar Association

The Santa Clara County Bar Association is dedicated to the legal profession as well as the community. This shows in how many programs it offers to each class of people.

For example, the Santa Clara County Bar Association not only offers a lawyer referral service to the public, but it also offers many other programs. Among these is a legal-self-help center where members of the public can come to learn about their legal rights and how to protect them. As well, the bar association also provides a fee dispute forum where clients who have disputes over money with their attorneys can come to attempt to resolve them before heading to court.

For the members, there are also many services and programs provided by the Santa Clara County Bar Association. As one example, attorneys who practice and are members of this bar association get discounts on their liability insurance as well as their health insurance. As well, the Santa Clara County Bar Association also runs many Continuing Legal Education classes throughout the year.

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