Sonoma County Bar Association

Established in 1921, the Sonoma County Bar Association is the largest and oldest organization of legal professionals in the county. There are currently over 1,400 members of the Sonoma County Bar Association. The Sonoma County Bar Association's mission is to serve the legal profession and enhance its professionalism, support and improve the judicial system, and to serve the local community.

The Sonoma County Bar Association provides many programs and services to the public. In addition to keeping an accurate member database that is open to the public, it also runs an attorney referral service. This referral service is certified by the State Bar of California and is designed to refer clients to an appropriate attorney. In addition, clients in Sonoma County can use the fee arbitration program that the bar association runs when they have disputes over financial considerations with their attorneys.

For the members of the Sonoma County Bar Association, there are other advantages besides the networking opportunities that come with being a member. Lawyer members get discounts on insurance rates, both professional and medical. As well, the Sonoma County Bar Association offers reduced cost Continuing Legal Education classes and seminars to its members.

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