Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers

The Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers (GABWA) has been around for over 30 years and their mission is to develop and support black women lawyers in the state of Georgia. GABWA accomplishes their mission by advocating for more black women lawyers to be involved in the judiciary and public office. GABWA is also heavily involved in charity work and advocates for women as well as children in their community. is an attorney-client matching service that can quickly connect you with local attorneys in Georgia. Post your case at LegalMatch to resolve your legal issue today.

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The Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers is very active and has many community involvement activities. A few highlights of GABWA include their production of a local television show called, �Legally Speaking� which seeks to answer legal questions of individuals in the community and their sponsoring of the �AIM back to school blowout� a program designed to help children with incarcerated mothers succeed in school. These are only a few of the charitable events conducted by GAWBA.

For professional development GAWBA has also created a program known as, �The Academy� which is a four week program designed to help young attorneys and law students achieve their maximum potential as lawyers. The Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers also has numerous social events such as a holiday party, luncheons, and numerous guest speakers.

Membership in GAWBA is open to both males and females of all races as well as attorneys and non-attorneys. Membership is also open to law students and the annual dues range from $30 to $75 depending on whether you are a practicing attorney, other professional, or law student.

Contact the Georgia Association of Black Women Lawyers

P.O. Box 4381
Atlanta, GA 30302
Phone (678) 825-5675