Macon Bar Association

The Macon Bar Association (MBA) has been in existence for over 150 years and currently has more than 400 members. The mission of the Macon Bar Association is to help members provide outstanding legal representation for their clients. The Macon Bar Association also participates in many community events to improve the lives of those residing in Macon. is an attorney-client matching service that can quickly connect you with local attorneys in Georgia. Post your case at LegalMatch to resolve your legal issue today.

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The Macon Bar Association hosts two business meetings a month as well as a minimum of two social events per month. The MBA has been involved in many projects throughout their 150 year history and currently the organization is trying to get funding for a courtroom in Bibb County. Other benefits of the MBA include an attorney directory, courthouse list, and a peer review system that rates local attorneys.

Contact the Macon Bar Association

P.O. Box 123
Macon, GA 31202-0123
Phone (478) 745-2821