Idaho Trial Lawyers Association

The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) was formed primarily for the benefit of attorneys representing plaintiffs in civil litigation. Therefore, the ITLA does not offer membership to defense lawyers who regularly represent insurance companies. However, the association does open membership to law students, legal staff, and law professors.

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In order to benefit the day-to-day activities of its members, the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association offers a range of online tools and legal resources. The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association features several continuing legal education classes available online for busy members that do not have time to acquire the necessary continuing legal education credits. Attorneys belonging to the ITLA requiring assistance with drafting specific legal documents can look at similar legal documents in the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association�s online document bank.

The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association also strives to keep its members connected to one another and to the rest of Idaho�s legal community. Lawyers belonging to the ITLA are kept up to date on the latest news related to civil litigation by reading the daily news clips that the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association staff sends via email. Members of the ITLA are given an opportunity to network with one another at the social events that are a part of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association�s annual conference.

In addition to helping the civil litigation plaintiffs� attorneys in Idaho, The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association is committed to aiding the residents of the state. Once a month, the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association hosts a Street Law Clinic in downtown Boise at which residents may obtain free legal advice. The ITLA works to protect the interests of Idaho�s consumers by maintaining a political action community that is dedicated to representing the interests of civil litigation lawyers and their clients in the state legislature.

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