Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel

There are nearly 1,000 members in the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel (IADTC). It is one of the preeminent bar associations for business, corporate, and insurance civil litigation lawyers. The IADTC is dedicated to serving the interest of its members, preserving civil justice, and helping lawyers cultivate leadership skills.

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Find a Lawyer Now

Those looking for a civil litigation attorney can easily find one through the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel�s online �Membership Directory Book.� The bar association�s complete membership list is fully accessible to the public. Potential clients can also contact the bar association�s office for additional assistance locating the right lawyer.

The Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel accepts any lawyer in good standing with the state bar and whose practice area does not primarily lie in plaintiff personal injury litigation. Members are listed in the bar association online membership database. They also receive a subscription to the bar association�s law journal, IDC Quarterly, as well as amicus curiae briefs and civil litigation articles. IADTC members can also participate in any of the bar association�s committees. The bar association also offers online CLE courses.

Contact the Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel

P.O. Box 588, Rochester, IL 62563-0588

Tel: (800) 232-0169

Fax: (866) 230-4415