Middlesex County Bar Association

Established in 1899, the Middlesex County Bar Association (MCBA) has provided assistance and support to the legal community in Middlesex County for over a century. The Middlesex County Bar Association hosts many social and educational events each year to allow its members to socialize with one another while remaining abreast of the latest legal news. Additionally, the Middlesex County Bar Association provides a number of services to benefit the professional lives of its members, including access to conference rooms and fax machines, as well as several different kinds of insurance.

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The Middlesex County Bar Association also reaches out into the local community to help the residents of Middlesex County. Once a week, members of the MCBA provide free legal advice to Middlesex County residents through the Middlesex County Bar Association´┐Żs Free Legal Information Clinic. Outside of legal aid, the Middlesex County Bar Association also works to improve the community in Middlesex County through its Suitability program, which provides secondhand business clothes to low income adults living in the county.

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200 Trade Center

3rd Floor, Room 329

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