Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri

The Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri (WLAMM) was incorporated in 2004 in Jefferson City. As reflected in its name, WLAMM commits itself to the predominant purpose of serving the women attorneys working and residing in the mid-Missouri area. In order to achieve this main goal, the Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri assists in the furtherance of women in the legal community, improves the rights of the female residents of Missouri�s middle region, and encourages communication among its members and between its members and the rest of the local legal community.

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The Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri strives to benefit its members through a variety of networking opportunities and informational events. For example, each year the organizations hosts several lunches and a fall social gathering. WLAMM also hosts a number of speaker events each year to inform its members about important subjects that may affect women in the practice of law.

Contact the Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri:

3405 W Truman Blvd, Suite 210
Jefferson City, MO 65109