Brooklyn Bar Association

The Brooklyn Bar Association was first established in 1872 and claims to have since pursued its goal of increasing the level of competence in lawyers in the Brooklyn area as well as promoting the respect for the legal institution in the community.

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The members of the Brooklyn Bar Association have the option of being listed in the Lawyer Referral Service that this association runs. This service is the oldest and largest of its kind in the Brooklyn area and has been referring clients to attorneys for many years in a large number of legal areas. In addition, the community also benefits from the pro bono programs that the Brooklyn Bar Association runs and encourages its members to volunteer at.

The attorney members of the Brooklyn Bar Association receive many benefits as a result of their membership with the group. For instance, these lawyers have access to discounted Continuing Legal Education classes that the bar association runs throughout the year. In addition, the bar association also runs a Lawyer Assistance Program that gives advice and help to legal professionals who have problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling or stress.

Contact the Brooklyn Bar Association

123 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 624-0675
Fax: (718) 797-1713