Monroe County Bar Association

When the Monroe County Bar Association was originally formed in 1892, it was called by a different name, the Rochester Bar Association. The bar association started out with only 25 attorneys as members, but in its more than 100 years of existence, this membership has grown to over 2,200 legal professionals. This bar association works extensively with both the New York State Bar Association as well as the American Bar Association and is widely considered one of the best local bar associations in the country.

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The public receives many services from the Monroe County Bar Association. Recently, the organization succeeded in bringing together all the legal service providers in Rochester into the Telesca Center for Justice. By having one center for all the legal services in the area, the community no longer has to search endlessly to find the resources they need.

The members of the Monroe County Bar Association get many benefits as well. For example, the Academy of Law provides discounted Continuing Legal Education classes to the members of the bar association. For the benefit of the bar association's busy members, many of these seminars are even offered online. In addition, the Monroe County Bar Association is also authorized to mediate and resolve fee disputes between clients and their attorneys.

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1 West Main St., 10th Floor, Rochester, NY 14614
Tel: (585) 546-1817
Fax: (585) 546-1807