New York Criminal Bar Association

The New York Criminal Bar Association believes that it is one of the best resources for criminal defense attorneys in New York. For example, the member attorneys of the New York Criminal Bar Association have free access to two great websites that are maintained by Punch and Jurists. These websites are considered to be some of the best online resources that are available to criminal defense attorneys.

LegalMatch offers a valuable service for individuals seeking legal representation in New York. A prominent online matching service, LegalMatch maintains an extensive network of qualified attorneys in New York and throughout the United States. Although bar associates often offer lawyer referral services, the service provided by LegalMatch is entirely free and is applicable to cases in all areas of the law.

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In addition, the members of the New York Criminal Bar Association also have great opportunities to network among the various members. By networking with the other criminal defense attorneys in their area, attorney members are able to stay on the cutting edge of criminal defense. Often times, the best way attorneys get better is by talking to attorneys who are engaged in similar fields of law. The New York Criminal Bar Association provides such opportunities for its members at its annual parties and ongoing Continuing Legal Education seminars.

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