Oneida County Bar Association

The Oneida County Bar Association was officially incorporated in 1906 even though attorneys and other legal professionals had been meeting informally for at least 30 years prior to its incorporation. The bar association's mission has many prongs, all relating to improving the legal profession, the administration of justice, promoting a sense of community within the legal professionals and helping out the community whenever possible.

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The Oneida County Bar Association maintains an online directory of each member attorney and has the database searchable by either name or practice area. In addition, the bar association offers its members various Continuing Legal Education classes and seminars at a reduced tuition rate. These classes help the members fulfill their required minimum hours of CLE credit each year.

Contact the Oneida County Bar Association

258 Genesee Street Suite 302, Utica, NY 13502
Tel: (315) 724-4901
Fax: (315) 724-6010