Onondaga County Bar Association

The Onondaga County Bar Association had little more than 100 legal professionals counted as members in 1900, but has since grown to include over 1,500 attorneys, law students and honorary members. The bar association claims to have always sought to better the legal profession through education and to improve the quality and efficiency of justice.

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The Onondaga County Bar Association has been a major player in the community. This association sponsors and runs many programs that provide services the residents of the county. For example, volunteer member attorneys regularly staff the phone lines at the Enhanced Tel-Law program. This is a service where residents can call a legal hotline to get some advice about their legal situations for free.

The bar association also offers many Continuing Legal Education classes that are offered throughout the year. Although these classes are open to member and non-member attorneys, the members of the Onondaga County Bar Association get discounts on these seminars. By having local CLE classes and seminars, this makes it easier for the attorney members to fulfill their Minimum CLE required each year to continue practicing law in the state of New York.

Contact the Onondaga County Bar Association

109 South Warren Street, Syracuse, NY 13202
Tel: (315) 471-2667
Fax: (315) 471-0705