Sicangu Oyate Bar Association

The Sicangu Oyate Bar Association (SOBA) is the mandatory bar association for the attorneys practicing in the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Courts. Much like other mandatory bar associations, SOBA is charged with both regulating and supporting the lawyers that are licensed to practice within the Rosebud Sioux judicial system. In order to become an active member, lawyers must pass a bar exam administered by the Sicangu Oyate Bar Association. offers a superior attorney-client matching service in South Dakota. In operation for over 10 years, LegalMatch quickly connects clients with attorneys through an efficient online system. Post your case online today to begin reviewing profiles of attorneys in your area.

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There are several ways in which SOBA provides professional assistance to its members. For example, attorneys belonging to the Sicangu Oyate Bar Association can read about the latest appellate court decisions in SOBA�s Appellate Digest. Also, the Sicangu Oyate Bar Association allows members to advertise their legal services for free in its online Attorney Roster.

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Mission, SD 57555