Best Southwest Bar Association

The Best Southwest Bar Association is a volunteer organization that is primarily composed of attorneys and legal assistants. These individuals come together through this bar association to share information about the trends in legal issues and to formulate ideas about how to improve the legal industry in Southwest Dallas County.

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This bar association limits its attorney membership to only those attorneys who have their offices in the cities of Cedar Hill, Duncanville, DeSoto or Lancaster. The members of the bar association attend regular meetings that are held every quarter, and each attorney member must be in good standing with the State Bar in order to be a member.

In addition, the Best Southwest Bar Association is also committed to serving the public and the surrounding community. It publishes an article in the Opinion pages of local newspapers once a month. These articles are written about legal topics that are of particular interest to the community and include subjects like legal problems that the elderly face and dealing with illnesses caused by foodborne bacteria from restaurants and other commercial diners.

Contact the Best Southwest Bar Association

P.O. Box 4119
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-4116