Corpus Christi Bar Association

The Corpus Christi Bar Association was founded in 1929 and has always pledged to improve the legal system in the area. This bar association holds regular meetings where attorneys in the area come to discuss various legal issues that are unique to the region.

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As well, the attorney members of the Corpus Christi Bar Association also get access to great Continuing Legal Education courses, seminars and materials just by being a member of this organ ization. Because each licensed attorney in Texas is required to take 15 hours of these classes each year, the Corpus Christi Bar Association has made it easier and less expensive for local attorneys to meet this requirement.

Contact the Corpus Christi Bar Association

555 N. Caranchua, Suite 260 Tower II, Corpus Christi, TX 78478-0033
Tel: (361) 883-4022
Fax: (361) 883-0353