Midland County Bar Association

The Midland County Bar Association is a non-profit organization that has a member base of more than 150 attorneys as well as a few law students, judges and various other legal professionals. The association's mission is to serve the public as well as its members through education and public service projects that are designed to increase knowledge of the workings of the legal system.

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The members of the Midland County Bar Association are always invited to attend both the Annual West Texas Branch Bar Conference and the Annual West Texas Seminar. These two yearly events are always co-sponsored by the Midland County Bar Association in combination with other organizations. As well, the attorney members of the bar association also have access to discounted Continuing Legal Education classes and seminars.

The Midland County Bar Association also provides many services to the public, both in terms of physical projects as well as educational seminars. The bar association is very committed to the community, which is why it does regular trash pick up days on the stretch of highway just outside of Midland. As well, the bar association runs an annual Law Day Luncheon which is open to all high school students in the area.

Contact the Midland County Bar Association

P.O. Box 1061
Midland, Texas 79702