Plano Bar Association

Founded in 1973, the Plano Bar Association strives towards promoting the interests of its members as well as the community in the greater Plano area. In addition, this bar association is constantly working towards the development and growth of the legal profession in the Plano area.

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The members of the Plano Bar Association meet for lunch on the first Friday of each month to discuss legal issues and to network and grow. In addition, the bar association also runs many Continuing Legal Education classes throughout the year that the members are encouraged to attend.

The public in the Plano area get benefits from the Plano Bar Association as well. The members of the Plano Bar Association are often encouraged and prompted to volunteer at many of the public service programs that the bar association runs. As well, members who wish to be listed can also join in as part of the Lawyer Referral Service that the bar association operates.

Contact the Plano Bar Association

850 Central Pkwy E Ste 120
Plano, TX 75074-5542