West Virginia State Bar

Created in 1947, the West Virginia State Bar is the state�s mandatory bar association. The goals of the West Virginia State Bar are to foster positive relations between the general public and West Virginia�s legal community, support a sense of community among members, improve the administration of justice, and oversee the practice of law in the state. In order to protect high standards of professional ethics, the association upholds disciplinary measures for attorneys who are found violating ethical rules.

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The West Virginia State Bar offers a number of socializing and networking opportunities to help members stay connected. For example, members of the West Virginia State Bar are encouraged to participate in the association�s practice committee. Also, the West Virginia State Bar brings all of its members together for an annual meeting. Members can also advance their legal careers by participating in continuing legal education classes hosted throughout the by the West Virginia State Bar. For attorneys seeking new clients, the association operates a lawyer referral service.

In addition to helping and governing West Virginia�s attorneys, the West Virginia State Bar provides assistance to local residents. Members of the West Virginia State Bar provide free legal aid to various special interest groups at legal services days. West Virginia residents that need a qualified mediator can find one on the West Virginia State Bar�s website.

Contact the West Virginia State Bar:

2000 Deitrick Boulevard
Charleston, WV 25311-1231